Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the past few months I been experimenting with adult diapers.

I beginning to experiment with them and found my top 3 favorite ones. Cushies, Abenas and Molicare.
All 3  are comfy.

Cushies has the baby designs and the 1 tape system which I like and the do hold a lot for me since I am small.
Abenas are my main favorite because of there so thick and very comfy.

Molicare is little thinner and just as comfy

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sometimes I cant tell when I need to go

I pretty much been Diapered 24/7 but not wetting 24/7 for 3 years now. For the first 2 years I was mainly wetting when i was home from work and bed time since i was working days. Since I been overnights. Soon as I get home from work no potty for me accept for pooping.  There is times I cant tell  when I need to go potty. Its like I don't feel the urge to go and can tell its happing in my diaper. THere also times I did not realize i went and my mommy/wife checks me and say your wet. Sometimes I been waking up wet as well. Also several close calls in my pull-ups. I guess after 3 years I finally loosing some control

Got a new favorite diaper and an wetting accident

I bought  a small pack of their new small diapers. I love them they fit perfect. I just need to save up to buy more of them. I sorry I have not been on here much.  I will post a photo soon. Also I wear Goodnites as my regular underwear and do treat them as big boy pants. But accidents do happen and well I was at the gun range Tuesday and I really had to go and I did not want to leave my guns and ended up wetting my goodnite. Also I was sick couple weeks ago and when i get sick I have lot of wetting problems. Well at work I wore a double diaper. Pampers then a Goodnites over that. Lets just say I was wet for half the night. The Pamper leaked into the goodnite. I going to ask mommy to use her credit card to buy me more ABUNIVERSE diapers or some Size 6 or 7 baby diapers. Since we do not get paid till next week. As well missing a day of work cost me 100 bucks.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Libero baby diapers

They came in Monday and I did not get a chance to really test them out till today. I only got 2 of them. They seem to be little bigger than Pampers. They feel little more bulker than the Cruisers. The front part the diaper conver the waist. They about the same length and the strech is about the same. Only diffrence is the Pampers to seem to be wider than Libero. The Libero holds my wettings good. And seems little softer than Pampers. Overall they Rate as my 2nd Fav Baby diaper

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

I just want to wish all who read my blog a Merry Christmas. Also I plan on ordering some Libero Diapers from ebay as well small vintage diapers  that are at a decent price. I want to start collecting them. I wish I can get some for Christmas but thats ok. As well I want everyone to comment on my blog and help with ideas you all would like for me to write or do. If there is any Texas ABDL in the Dallas/Fort Worth area please let me know

Monday, December 17, 2012

Want Vintage Pampers or other Disposable diapers

I want to start collecting the diapers from the 80's-90s. Any size will do but perfer the largest sizes so see if they fit since they were made thicker. if they dont fit i just put it in my goodnite to see the thicknest.

About me

My name is Joseph I go by Cookiemonsterbaby or babycookiemonster on the AB/DL sites. I am both an Adult baby and Diaper lover. It all begin soon as I was potty trained. I was forced and trained to early when I was not ready. So it gave me a tramadic potty training experience. I can remeber wearing them to bed a few times and when there was an outing when I was 3.

When I was 5 my mom babysit and I played with the diapers from that baby also I think I wore on to school and wet it where it leaked and my butt was wet that all I can rememer from that experience. I know when

 I was 13 or 14 I bought one from the wal-mart restroom vending machine. During those times I was using towels when i took a shower as a diaper. When I was 17 I bought my first pack of Pampers. I did not use them all and ended up throwing them away. Also when I was 18 I bought some cloth diapers. From 17-27 it was an off and on thing for me. I felt guilty using them.

Then I met my wife. I dont quite remember the conversation but i guess i was acting up and she threated to bring me a diaper. This was before she knew. I said you would not dare to bring me one. Ended up she did and she dared me to wet one. This help me to tell her the truth about me liking diapers. When we got married it started to be just a nightly thing for me to wear.

Then one day I dedcided to wear one in my undies to work and it ended up to be a 24/7 thing to wear. I dont wet 24/7. I only wet at home alone with wife and when family is not around. As for work I try to keep them dry. I do notice I can not hold it for to long since I hardly use the potty at home.

Since I am small I can still wear Goodnites and Pampers. I try Cushies and Bambinos as well some other adult diapers. They seem just too big on me.

As For Adult Side of me I do work full time on the overnight shift. I am a Christian. I feel its ok to be an AB and DL. I make sure I do not put it before God. God is first in my life.

Also I dont do the AB sided that much for right now because its comes and goes. There times I do regress and other times i dont. But I still wear Goodnites and Pampers all the time.

I love sports. I mainy a Football and Nascar. I do love watching live Baseball games. If like to know more  leave a message and I plan on writing more on my AB and Diaper experiences.